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How a Soil Microbe Could Rev Up Artificial Photosynthesis

A bacterial enzyme carries out a key step in carbon fixation which could provide a basis for engineering highly efficient CO2-fixing enzymes for bioenergy and bioproduct applications.

Essential Enzyme in Bacterial Protein Synthesis

X-ray macromolecular crystallography reveals the structure and mode of interaction of the enzyme phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, which is integral to protein synthesis in a pathogenic bacterium.

Hemicellulose Forms Pseudo-Lignin Aggregates During Biomass Pretreatment

Direct evidence reveals that hemicellulose forms pseudo-lignin aggregates during thermochemical pretreatment, which reduces enzyme accessibility and increases biomass recalcitrance.

Study Sheds Light on Photosynthesis in Iron-Low Leaves

Researchers have identified how iron-deficient plants optimize photosynthesis to protect themselves from absorbing too much light.

pancreatic beta cell

Soft X-ray Tomography Captures Mesoscale Organelle Interactions

Soft X-ray tomography combines rapid collection and high-resolution visualization to reveal the shape of cellular substructures and their interactions.

A Tunable Pseudoenzyme-Enzyme Complex

Enzyme-pseudoenzyme complexes involved in vitamin B6 synthesis in plants display variable stoichiometry.