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Direct Visualization of Fungal Mineral Transport

A mineral-doped soil micromodel platform for studying mineral weathering mechanisms demonstrates fungal bridging of carbon hotspots and hyphal transport of mineral-derived nutrients.

Essential Enzyme in Bacterial Protein Synthesis

X-ray macromolecular crystallography reveals the structure and mode of interaction of the enzyme phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, which is integral to protein synthesis in a pathogenic bacterium.

Detergent-Free Method for Photosystem I Stabilization in Structural Studies

Styrene maleic acid copolymers provide a native lipid environment that stabilizes membrane proteins and maintains activity in vitro.

XMIDAS Software Enables Chemical Analysis from Spectroscopy Data

Optimized data-reduction strategies and tool development facilitate analysis of complex biological and environmental samples at micro- and nanoscales.

Unelectrified Aerosol-Producing Device for Biological Studies

A new “whipping jet” device delivers precisely controlled two-dimensional microdroplets for basic and applied research.

A Tunable Pseudoenzyme-Enzyme Complex

Enzyme-pseudoenzyme complexes involved in vitamin B6 synthesis in plants display variable stoichiometry.